Ft. Lauderdale Airport Writer’s Retreat (Only apply if ur dumb)

Oh I didn’t know airports did writing retreats.  

They don’t. I’m making one.

Wait what. 

Yeah so I was in Mexico and I missed my flight because I’m a DUMBASS and just completely lost my immigration slip. So I had to get a new one, struggling through broken Spanish with the immigration attendant, before finally getting one. It was too late.


Yeah and then I was supposed to go from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta but I missed my Atlanta flight because my arrival time for my second flight was after my departure time for my third.

Hmm. Still sounds like you’re a dumbass. 

Sounds like you’re correct.

So this is a writing retreat. 

Yep. My next flight isn’t until 1pm tomorrow so I’m about to get lit in this Ft. Lauderdale airport all night.

And you’re calling it a writing retreat. 

To make the most out of a situation, yes. And to hide my shame at being a poor planner and overall negligent person (a “schmatka” as my Bulgarian family would say)

So what does this airport writing retreat entail?

Just writing until I pass out in my seat.

Oh nice I love doing that. 

Yeah it’s pretty fun.

But when you’re conscious what will you do?

Well I’m going to try to spruce up this website — and by spruce up, I mean make it as terrible and bad as I want it. Because I have my personal website (which is has the domain of a name I don’t prefer to go by anymore) that was supposed to be my blogs and stuff, my personal writing, etc, but then I also made that my freelance portal and my business portal and it put too much pressure on my writing to be “good.” So I stopped writing for it period. But I think that if I have this place to post literally whatever I want with no fear of looking bad, I can actually write more and grow more.

Oh that’s cool. 

Thank you.

But aren’t you also into comics and stuff? 

Yeah I’m gonna post more comics on here too cause I really write drawing them and want to get better at that too. I’m just here to experiment and not worry if I look stupid.

Are you really afraid of looking stupid? 

Yes and no. I feel like I’ve looked stupid all my life (My brain never worked like everyone else’s brains) so I have an incredibly high tolerance to looking stupid. Embarrassment too, but that’s a different story. It’s just that I don’t want to look stupid in front of people who could hire me, ya feel?

Ya money is super good. So you were essentially limiting yourself before you had this website. 

Yes. And I could say I’m a published author whenever I throw my crap up online.

Oh nice we love loopholes. 

Love them.

Do you have any goals for what this site should become?

Honestly, I don’t. More populated with things I made would be nice. But otherwise, I’m content with having a corner of the internet that’s just mine and has the stuff I’ve creating. I think it would be neat to watch myself grow as an author, writer, comics artist, whatever. It’s like an online scrapbook of my growth.

That’s a great way to look at it.


So this writing retreat…

It’s a retreat away from my normal routine back home, so I guess that’s something. I have yet to ease back into complacency, and I’ve always felt more creative and writerly in that liminal moment.

Wait what? 


What’s a liminal moment? 

I think of them as the tiny moments in which your senses feel heightened again and you remember you’re alive. For me, it usually happens when I’m alone. It happens when I stare at myself in a bathroom at a single stall bathroom in a club, the music bleeding through the walls, the sounds of people dancing and laughing from outside the cement (Athenites I’m thinking of Church and only Church). I am still and the rest of my surroundings are not. From that stillness comes a special recognition that I am alive, that life is moving around me but I can take a moment to feel around the space, the second of time I’m inhabiting before it inevitably slips away.

Oh okay I think I get it. 

It’s one of my favorite feelings.

Alright well I guess I’ll let ya go. How much have you written on this retreat?

So far: 1,397 words.


Thank you! This was fun, I hope to do this again 🙂

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